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LONGMONT, COLORADO � (December 8, 1997) � Pena Systems, Inc. today announced that it has been selected by Hotel Hope, LLC to provide a wide range of computer design and development services. These services include an extensive Internet presence incorporating the design and development of a World Wide Web site. This site will provide access to information, including reservations, about the Hotel Hope (previously known as the Jeannot Hotel) in Hope, Idaho.

Completed in 1898, the Hotel Hope was recently purchased by Hotel Hope, LLC and is one of the oldest hotels in Idaho. Plans for the property include completion of the renovation, including limited public occupancy for the 100 year anniversary of the initial opening, a full service restaurant, lounge, and a wide range of hospitality services.

Included in the purchase of the hotel is the extensive antique collection assembled by Guy and Helen Neyman of Hope, Idaho. The hotel, purchased in 1971 with the intent of reopening, became the residence and private showcase for the Neyman collection. Portions of the antique collection will be featured in the hotel.

"Our management team was impressed with the strong technical base and pro-active business approach provided by Pena Systems." said Wendel R. Bergman, President of Hotel Hope, LLC. "Pena Systems has a reputation of providing robust, business solutions".

"We are pleased to be selected by Hotel Hope to showcase this fascinating piece of history." said Margaret Estabrooks, President of Pena Systems, Inc. "This solution will capitalize on Pena Internet skills and our emerging database middleware competencies".

Pena Systems, Inc. is a privately held Colorado based software company offering a complete range of system software development and consulting services. With strengths in product development and technical implementation, Pena Systems provides an out-source option for businesses that need strategic software development. Located in Longmont, Colorado, Pena Systems is in the middle of the Front Range "high tech" corridor of Colorado. More information on Pena Systems is available on the Internet at or by sending email to